You do not need to change the destination

... sometimes you only need to change your perspective

What can you do in Cagliari? Everything you want.
You are going to know , to listen and to look at the city and you will find yourself in love with it.
Discover its peaceful and gentle side in the morning when just woke up. Look at the city just before going to sleep, soak up its energy. Listen to its strength and purity while you are doing sport. The city adapt itself to you.

the sea

immerse yourself in the Mediterrean

Cagliari is the sea.
The Poetto beach: 8km of white and fine sand, one of the most beautiful city beaches in the world.
The sea for the people of Cagliari is an element of freedom that last for all seasons and from the Aristeo Hotel get there is very easy, linear..go always straight and follow the sun.
Walk, laugh, read eat. Look forward.

the sport

sorrounded by nature.

Cagliari is energy. Sup, kitesurf, surf, trekking, bike, rollerblades, running, football. Dynamic, versatile, always on the move Cagliari city offers to its tourists and inhabitants a wide range of activities to do all over the year. Let yourself be inspired and find your strength. We are here to please you.

the culture

find yourself surrounded by beauty

Cagliari is a cultural heritage . The majesty of the Bonaria Cathedral, The National Archeological Museum with the Mont’e Prama Giants, Cagliari underground, the stunning Santa Maria Chiara Cathedral, the crypt of Santa Restituta and the interesting Anatomical Wax Museum.
Desire to do so and easily make it happen.

the entertainment

dedicate yourself to life

Cagliari is night life, From Piazza Yenne passing through corso V. Emanuele, going up to the panoramic terrace in the castello district. From the aperitif to the cocktails, from discos to clubs with live concerts, dj sets and high quality music.
Do not go to bed early , smile, go out ,and enjoy the impetus, the fun and intensity of the place.
Everything is easy to reach.

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