in 5 minutes

Get to your points of interest.

a few meters from here

let yourself be surprised and open to all that surrounds you

The big Aristeo Hotel door that walk you outside its historic building, it’s a few steps from where people taste food, walk, leave do shopping and from whatever you like to do every moment of your day.
Here you are what you can see in walking distance.



be curious

Find the pleasure in tasting, the new flavours and the curiosity in unusual and far recipes. Fall in love with the food is easy .to get to know it is passion, to have it downstairs it is a privilege.

The pizza is gourmet, the meat is fine, the ice cream is homemade. The restaurant is starred , the fried is in cones of paper to take away.
The fish is fresh , the sushi is japanese…  And the coffee? It is espresso. It is Italian.

Via Roma

be opened to new ideas

Either superficial or vain , the shopping in Cagliari city center it is a moment dedicated to yourself, it is an experience , it is an opportunity.

From the designer boutique walking through the little shops full of vintage gifts and clothes, to the loads of jeweler artisans able to enriched authentic creations part of our ancient roots.

Make yours the side of the city that better represents you.



The touristic port

Once off at the harbour feel the wind

The port is located in the heart of the city, where the sails flutter between the people passing by, the boats are moored as majestic white urban paintings and the sea is a selfless guest in our daily routine.

If the port only knew how the sunrise dress it so well, it would sunrise more often and longer.
And what if it would be enough to cross the road?


To Look faraway

From the Bastione San Remy the view is vast and offers a suggestive and 360° view on Cagliari, an evening aperitif in the big square overlooking the city.

The atmosphere is gripping and it is the best place to trust for your pictures , selfies, your IG stories, and why not your thoughts. Push yourself few metres towards the sky over Cagliari.


Shopping Basket