When visiting Cagliari becomes an experience

If you are wondering why to visit Cagliari, one of the top answers could be for the many gastronomic experiences to try. Choose to eat what you like, choose to discover what you do not know.

Cagliari is a dynamic city and it is always on the move. Every morning many businesses lift their shutters, ready to offer something new and modern, especially as far as gastronomy is concerned. Through all this variety, quality and innovation and among the food-experiences to have in Cagliari, there are some cornerstones, some real must-see places to enjoy. These are not to be missed.
Go and discover quality at “Luigi Pomata”, exclusivity at “Dal Corsaro”, peculiarity at “La Balena”, and the famous tradition of “Su Siccu Ricciai”. They are all unique.

Ristorante Luigi Pomata

Luigi Pomata Restaurant serves the most genuine and traditional foods, cooked with reasonable extravagance and imagination. This restaurant is not only a solid institution in the culinary environment of Cagliari, but also a real gastronomic experience which has passed the severe scrutiny of the leading critiques of the sector. A frequent and strong presence in the Italian Television, Luigi Pomata is another valid reason to visit Cagliari.
Do not miss under any circumstances “Tonno alla Carlofortina”, which comes served in the tin. We can guarantee you, you will take a picture before eating it!

Ristorante Dal Corsaro

Dal Corsaro Restaurant is all about the masterful cuisine of Stefano Deidda, which granted it a coveted Michelin star. “Dal Corsaro” means high quality cuisine and delicate preparations that derive from the special attention paid to the seasons and the territory.
This is an exclusive dinner experience, very appropriate to celebrate a special occasion or an anniversary or to impress an important customer. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Trattoria La Balena

Trattoria La Balena is not just one of the best places to taste fresh fish, it is a real experiment in eating, as promised by Chef Rubio! In La Balena the absolute priority is to prepare fish in the way it’s meant to be, not to please the customers.
Here there is nothing to distract you from the authentic flavour of the fish, as no pastas, risottos, soups or coffees are on the menu, and food is not served accompanied by artisan breads. La Balena is in the outskirts of the city, it is a simple and rustic place but it is always quite crowded.
The menu description is brief, and the piles of empty dishes going back to the kitchen are left to do the talking! This Trattoria is a very good reason to visit Cagliari!


Visiting Cagliari means eating and discovering all the tastes of the sea.
The Ricciai are a real Cagliari institution: kiosks at which, during the season open to the sea-urchins fishing, you can stop, sit at their seaside tables and enjoy the finest sea-urchins meal you have ever had. In the end, your plate and cutlery get thrown away, but the experience will definitely stay with you. The urchins are served split in two and its juicy pulp gets spooned up, at best accompanied by a nice glass of white wine. Enjoy!

What else can we add? Well, if you want to visit Cagliari and see its best sides, stay at the Aristeo Hotel. We are two steps away from “Il Corsaro”, even closer to “Luigi Pomata” and just a few meters from the Ricciai of “Su Siccu “. And if you are intrigued by “La Balena”, ask us for the directions on your arrival in the hotel, we’ll be happy to help you find it.

Don’t hesitate, start your visit to Cagliari now, BOOK your experience NOW.

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